As a homeowner, you may find yourself wondering, “when is the best time for me to get my roof inspected?”. If you ask yourself these questions, it probably means now! There really isn’t a perfect or ideal time to give your local roofing experts a call to have someone come out, but there are some cases when it is encouraged.

1. After a storm:
After wind, hail, and rain come through your town, it’s a good idea to have someone check out your roof. Even if you may not have seen or heard the hail with your own eyes and ears, it does not hurt to get it inspected.

2. You notice your neighbors getting their roofs done:
If you live in a neighborhood where you see a lot of Music City Roofers trucks or yard signs, it’s probably because that area was heavily damaged and your neighbors called us to take care of their roofs. If you notice this, it’s not a bad idea to give us a call and have us inspect your roof too. You’re also welcome to stop us on the street and see if we’re available to take a look then and there!

3. You don’t think your roof looks right:
Just because you’re not a roofing expert doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust your intuition. If you go outside and think something looks “off” on your roof, give us a call and get an expert to assess the situation. It could be something cosmetic, or something more! It never hurts to check

4. If it’s been a while:
When was the last time someone took a look at your roof? If it’s been a few years, then it’s probably time for someone to take a look. Even if your roof is only 5 years old, it’s not a bad idea to have a professional take a look. There has definitely been a lot of rain, wind, and hail in the last few years, so why not get it checked out?