Your home is where you go to relax. It’s the place your loved ones gather together. You’ve worked hard to get your home. You may have even hired contractors to do interior work. It is your haven. So why would you risk hiring someone who doesn’t know what they are doing to repair one of the most important aspects of your home; the roof.
Though going DIY may be cheaper, it won’t be in the long run. Even if you believe you’re the handiest person you know, it would probably still be the best idea to hire a professional.

1. Professionals Know What They are Doing:
In our last newsletter, we highlighted what the basic layers to a roof are. Though you may now be familiar with these layers, the layout and order of all of these pieces need to be placed specifically in order to properly work. Though you can look at a YouTube tutorial to learn what the order and procedure is, every roof is different and there will always be some sort of challenge you will face that a professional would be able to handle with ease.

2. Liability and Insurance:
If you filed an insurance claim and it got approved, you may think you should be able to do the repairs/replacement yourself. Though you may have the tools and the YouTube knowledge, if you make a mistake while attempting to fix your roof, your insurance company may deny any further claims that you try to make on your roof claiming you were negligent when you tried to do it yourself. Music City Roofers specializes in insurance claims and can get your roof replaced completely through them.

3. Limited Warranties:
If you’ve never had your roof replaced or repaired, you might be unaware of the fact that there are typically two warranties that come with the work done. The roofers’ workmanship warranty, and the shingle manufacturer warranty. Manufacturers require their products to be installed correctly in order to apply the warranty. Professional roofers like Music City Roofers are aware of all building codes, application instructions, and installation requirements due for this warranty.

4. Costs and Tools:
Though you’re able to easily buy shingles at a hardware store, or the tools you believe are required to install/repair your roof, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will be saving money. If you’re interested in just doing a repair that requires just a few shingles, you are still required more often than not to purchase a bundle. And even then there is a chance that you are purchasing the incorrect shingle. Professional roofers either will have the material they need to do your repair, or they are able to purchase the bundle and use it at another job. Whereas you more than likely won’t need to use all of those additional shingles for anything. Safety equipment is also an added expense that many people don’t think about, such as safety harnesses, helmets, and ladder extensions.

5. Time:
You may look over at your neighbor who is getting their roof done at 8:00 AM, and see it finished at 5:00 PM the same day and think “wow, that was quick! I could do that!”. And yes, that is quick, simply because these are trained professional crews of people who know exactly what they are doing. If you were to try to tackle doing your entire roof even with a friend, the chances of you finishing that day are slim. With life getting in the way, you may find yourself with an unsightly tarp laying on your roof until your next available day to get back at it. This in itself can cause even more issues of leaks and interior damage.