Looking for applying for financing for your project.  Here are the instructions to proceed:


1.  Please download the financing application at this link here.

2.  Call the number at the top right of the application.  They will ask for the dealer number which is also in the upper right  hand corner. This number identifies Music City Roofers as your contractor.

3.  They will ask you how much of a down payment you are making.  For instance, if your contract amount is $6,000 and you only need $3,000, then you would say your deposit is $3,000.

4.  After they receive your information over the phone, they will tell you whether the application is approved or not.

5.  They will send you documents via email that you will sign online as well as the loan documents.  Once they have received all your documents, they will instruct us to proceed with your project.  You will also need to provide them proof of income statement and a copy of your ID (Driver’s license). 

6.  Once the project is completed, we will send them a signed certificate of completion so they will release the funds.


Please let me know if you have any issues with any step of this process.  We prefer the customer call the finance company for themselves because of privacy concerns, but if you would like for me to call the finance company on your behalf, I would be happy to.  Just fill out the attached application and return it to me.

We look forward to working with you on your project!

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