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Finding a roofing contractor you can trust can be challenging. Other roofers say they are “trustworthy”, but how do you really know if they are being honest?

My name is Jeff Richfield, owner of Music City Roofers, and  I want to give you some expert advice and earn your trust. That is why I’m giving you my free report, “5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor”. This report will give you tips on what to look for when considering your options.

Any "mobile roofer" can throw on a roof that looks good on the outside, but it's what is under the shingles that really count.  Music City Roofers is a certified installer and we use the highest-grade materials such as state of the art ridge vent systems, leak barriers in valleys and eaves, and offer lifetime pipe boot systems. We make sure all your chimney and counter flashings are all tucked and installed correctly and we tie it all together by offering our no-nonsense labor warranty.

Review our testimonial page featuring some of our recent customers. Music City Roofers has worked throughout Middle Tennessee including projects on Nashville landmarks such as The Fontanel and Scarritt-Bennett Church as well as numerous residential roof repairs and/or replacements. No project is too large or too small.  Music City Roofers wants to earn your business for life.

Finally, we are a roofing contractor who believes in giving back to our community.  You can review this Channel 4 News report to get an idea of our community involvement.


I am proud to be part of reshaping the landscape of the Nashville community and I want to make a pledge to you that if you give Music City Roofers the opportunity to bid your project, I will personally stand behind our work to ensure you are given the very best end result with a lifetime roofing system.

We are Music City’s Roofers, and no one else can say that!



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