You may have noticed that everywhere, the cost of paper products has risen due to a shortage of paper supplies. But that’s not the only thing being affected. Roofing materials such as OSB, shingles, and metal are also in short supply.

If you’re getting your roof replaced, be sure to ask what color shingles are available in your area before you decide and fall in love with a color that may not be in stock for months. Also be aware that OSB, or Oriented Strand Board, is also in short supply and is much more expensive than it was just two years ago. These price changes could affect your wallet, as most roofing companies don’t know what decking needs to be replaced on your roof until they start taking off your shingles.

The only thing you’re able to do is to be patient and listen to your roofer when they tell you it might be a while before they’re able to get the supplies needed to complete your job. It’s simply because the supply is not available.

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