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A New Roof Installation
You Can Rely On For Years To Come

Let’s face it, installing a new residential roof is a big undertaking, but the long-term advantages are well worth it. There are many reasons for a new roof…no roof lasts forever! When it’s time to have your roof replaced it is incredibly important to work with a professional roofing contractor.

A quality constructed new roof installation lasts decades, helping you save money in the future by eliminating unnecessary roof repairs, reducing your energy bills, and preventing other homeowner headaches.

Music City Roofers’ new roof installation contractors have seen every kind of roof, every kind of trend and every kind of home. If you think it might be time to get a new roof installed, call us today at 615-900-4000 or use our “Free Roof Inspection Form to get an honest, thorough roof inspection by one of our experts.

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How Do I Know If I
Need To Replace My Roof?

Music City Roofers can help you learn if the time is right for yours by scheduling a Free Roof Inspection.

Below are some of the signs that your residential roof is ready to be replaced.

  • Your roof’s warranty is expired
  • Your roof is nearing or passed its expected lifespan
  • There are shingles that are missing or broken
  • You see shingling that curls or buckles
  • The surface granules of your shingles are worn away
  • You see several that are broken or missing
  • If you have a tile roof
  • The flashing (that thin piece of copper or stainless steel installed to prevent seepage of water along roof joints) is damaged or worn
  • There are cracks in the roof’s underlayment or sheathing allowing water or daylight to leak through

If you believe you have any of these warning signs, contact Music City Roofers today to have one of our roofing experts come to your property to perform a free roof inspection.

Get a Free Roof Inspection

What Are The Steps To Get My
New Residential Roof Installed?

We understand that there are many contractors for you to consider when getting your new roof installed.

We separate ourselves from the competition by providing our “6 Steps To A New Roof” process. 

Step 1) Schedule Your Free Inspection

Our inspectors are trained roofing experts with years of experience, having examined 100s of roofs within the Nashville area. Furthermore, many of our team is certified by the vendors and manufacturers of roofing systems.

Step 2) Conduct Our 17 Point Roof Inspection

Our 17 Point Roof Inspection includes photographic data detailing your roof’s condition, an explanation of existing problems, and recommendations on how to best move forward.

Step 3) Present The Results

This can include either filing an insurance claim to get your roof repaired or replaced by your insurance company, or with us providing a Free Quote for cost-effective roof services.

Step 4) Alert Your Insurance Company

In your homeowners policy, there is a clause called “Due Diligence.” This is where it is your responsibility to alert your insurance company of any potential issues of your property that you have noticed or been notified of.

If you agree with the results we present in our free roof inspection, it is incredibly important to alert your insurance company.

Step 5) Insurance Adjusters Inspection

The insurance company will schedule a time with their adjuster to examine your property typically within 48-72 hours.

It is critical we are there with you when they come to examine your property for us to be able to share our findings with them and answer any questions they may have.

We will be there on your behalf! Our mandate is to maximize your claim to make sure every item that is damaged will be brought back to pre-storm condition.

Step 6) Work Order & Schedule

Generally within a week, you will receive paperwork from your insurance company detailing the work for us to perform. Included with that is a partial check to get us started.

Together, we will go over the paperwork to make sure everything is in proper order. We will also go over with you the money side flows through the insurance claim process to ensure you are comfortable with everything.

Once that occurs, we will put together our work order. You then will make a selection of colors and choice of material for your new roof.

Then, we begin your new roof installation!

Get a Free Roof Inspection
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Need Help Financing Your
New Residential Roof?

Our financing options make it easy to pay for your roof. A new roof isn’t something you want to put on the back-burner, so we make it easy and can walk you through our process one step at a time to ensure your satisfaction. We help you understand all of your options and will make recommendations based on what we find.

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Reviews From Our Amazing Customers

We always put our customers first!

I am a current employee with Music City Roofers.The organization is unlike any other I have worked for in my 40 year career, family atmosphere, faith basedcompany.Leadership is in tune with employees’ needs,Customer’s needs, and always focused on doing what is right.This is the example of a leader in our local business community.
Rick Rury
Rick Rury
Music City Roofing showed up the morning after the December, 2021 tornado. They secured my home to prevent further damage, and were available to meet with the insurance adjusters. They are only a phone call or text away. Thank you Music City !
peggy dabbs
peggy dabbs
Music city roofers did a full roof replacement for me. They communicated well before and during the install. They cleaned up after themselves, showed up when they said they would, and followed up on quality and satisfaction after completion.
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee
Replaced our roof and repaired water damage inside. Great communication and easy to work with.
Todd Oney
Todd Oney
Helped coordinate with my insurance company and did a nice job. Gutters were well-installed and look great.
Laura Koczaja
Laura Koczaja
A+++. They showed up when they said they would, and when they left you couldnt tell they had been there (except for the amazing new roof). They done excellent work and replaced my roof in about 7 hours. Would def. use again, although, I hope I never have to. Cant recommend enough!
Terry Edgin
Terry Edgin
We had unexpected roof damage to one of our rental properties. It was late and their crew just finished a roof in the next town over. With little notice, they drove to the property during the storm. They tarped the roof preventing further damage to the house and our tenants belongings. They were the 5th company we called. They were refered by a friend. In stead if closing up shop for the day, they worked late and helped! I am extremely grateful.The insurance adjuster said that Music City Roofers action prevented a lot of further damage and prevented the tenant from having to find another place to stay.Thank you!
Darren DoVanne
Darren DoVanne
Music City Roofers were top notch from start to finish. I never felt pressured prior to signing a work agreement. Every question I had was answered promptly and honestly. My assigned representatives (Trace Finch & Eli Allen) were extremely helpful in assisting with the insurance claim process. The materials used were high quality, and the work was timely and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend Music City Roofers to anyone needing roof repairs or replacement.
Heather Jensen
Heather Jensen
Music City Roofers replaced our roof in October 2021. They handled everything in a professional manner. They also did a great job cleaning up which really impressed us. We would highly recommend them.
Patti Rogers
Patti Rogers

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