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Just in case you hadn’t noticed, that roof over your home or commercial location is on the clock and sooner or later it will be necessary to apply repairs and replacements. When this happens you want nothing less than the most qualified roofing company in Franklin, TN to handle the various roofing services that will reserve your roof and the structures below.

Here in Franklin, TN, roofs of all types will see plenty of strain from severe weather conditions found in Tornado Alley. The following are some of the important benefits of having a locally experienced roofing contractor handle the projects on your residential, industrial or commercial locations.


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If you are a capable DIY enthusiast, you may find that there are many roofing tasks and projects that you can do yourself. Nevertheless, when it comes down to buttoning-up against storm and tornado damage, and providing appropriate and cost-effective repairs for minor damage, there is a reason to call in the roofing professionals here at Music City Roofers!

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Here Are Some Of The Perks Of Calling In
A Roofing Specialist To Keep Your Franklin, TN Property Safe

1) Local Roofing Experts

When damage strikes the roof, home and property owners feel it in the checkbook. With so many roofing materials to choose from it can be hard to know off-hand which would be the most suitable for the strain and attrition of the elements. So, where does someone go when they need an expert perspective on making such an important decision?

Music City Roofers has many years of experience protecting Franklin, TN homes and properties with formidable roofing solutions. We have seen all kinds of roofing options and how long they can last when the strong winds and hail from a local storm come crashing down in the middle of the night. We can tell you which roofing services and materials will best suit your needs and budget parameters.

If you are looking for a special type of roof, for example, to match your architecture or structural features, we can help you choose the best option for your desired goals.

2) Budget Friendly

One great thing about working with a local roofing company in Franklin, TN is the high-standards of quality and professionalism they adhere to. This is simply because in an industry like roofing, property owners will not tolerate anything but the best. The unprofessional services are soon weeded out through natural selection. But, you can bet that with Music City Roofing, our roofing contractors will have the experience and qualifications to provide excellent service at a competitive price.

3) Quality materials

There are all kinds of roofing materials that will do a great job of protecting your home, loved ones, belongings and/or clients from the weather outside. A local contractor with experience will also have access to a wider range of materials suppliers. This will mean they can provide you with a variety of options to suit your exact needs. Furthermore, a good standing with their suppliers means that professional Franklin, TN roofing contractors will probably have some great deals and discounts and can pass savings on to you.

4) Offer warranty

You can also expect a warranty for the work of roofing contractors near you. This will not only be for the materials you have selected for your roof but the installation work as well. This is a great addition as it provides the peace of mind that your roof will be addressed at the first signs of disrepair. So long as you are still well within your warranty period, your Franklin, TN roofing company will show up to provide the needed repairs and replacements.

5) Insurance and Bonding

The most qualified roofing companies in your local area will have a wide range of procedures and equipment that will work to avoid the advent of accidents in this highly precarious line of work. Nevertheless, accidents do happen and when they do you will need to think of protecting your interests. An accident that occurs on your property could involve damages that will be liable to your homeowner’s insurance. But, an insured and licensed roofing company will have the coverage to protect you from any accidents or other damages that occur during their work.

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This is the first time I’ve ever had to make a claim for a new roof. Joey, with music city roofers, has guided me through the whole process. He has practically held my hand. This is something quite different for me and I needed somebody to help me fight for my insurance company to cover a new roof and gutters. My insurance company, state farm, did not want to cover. Music city roofers proved that assessor T. Meanwhile, all of the neighbors across the street and behind me and around me had brand new roofs installed. I am very grateful for their efforts. I am still working with the insurance company to have them pay for it but I am very confident that they will.
Deborah Flowers
Deborah Flowers
We had Lewis come out and do a roof inspection because we thought our ventilation needed updating. He checked everything out throughly and in a timely manner. He was straight about any damages he saw on the roof and gave me his honest recommendation on what he would do in my situation. He did not to upsell anything that I didn’t need. He made sure that I understood all of the roof lingo. I got a free estimate on roof replacement and it is less than I thought it would be! When we decide to replace the roof, we will definitely go through them.
Dakota Ray
Dakota Ray
Brian explained everything in detail and made sure we were satisfied with all the work. The job was finished in a timely manner.
melissa waynick
melissa waynick
Great experience. Nick did a great job from start to finish. Crew was great.
Scott Hebrank
Scott Hebrank
I had a concern about a section of roof they shingled about two years ago. They came back out and fixed it. That is good customer service. Thank you.
Rex Perry
Rex Perry
Highly recommend this company for any roofing job. They give you a contact person who coordinates working w/insurance, scheduling, managing crews and everything else. Would definitely use this company again. You will like the end result.
David Snider
David Snider
They were great to work with. They helped with my insurance company, walked through the roofing lingo and explained things in easy to understand terms. They came when they promised and did a professional job.
rene alexander
rene alexander
They were a pleasure to work with. We needed a new roof because of storm damage and they handled everything with our insurance and kept us informed and up to date through the whole process.
Hannah King
Hannah King
Kevin and Spence worked with the inspectors that our insurance company sent to ensure that all the work needed from our tornado damage was approved. Everyone we dealt with at Music City Roofing was pleasant, professional, and did what they said they would when they said would. I would wholeheartedly recommend this company.
peg shonebarger
peg shonebarger
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