Franklin Roof Repair

Franklin Roof Repair

What is the technical difference between commercial and residential roofs if they all look and work the same way?

The difference matters because it influences the repair process and the estimate you get for different tasks. Each of them has a unique design, purpose, and functioning, so they will often need different kinds of services for particular needs.

How The Differences Affect The Franklin Roof Repair Process


Many residential roofs have a steep slope and use materials like asphalt, slate, cedar shake shingles, and tiles. These materials are better because they resist the fast erosion familiar with steeped roofing.

Commercial roofing usually has metal materials such as steel, copper, tin, and composite materials because they are more robust and provide coverage without emphasizing aesthetics.

Each of these materials will require a different repair process because each is composed of different layers, structures, and textures. Our top-rated roofing expert knows the amount of maintenance each kind will need, so let us help you compose the proper repair and upgrade program.

Shape And Design

Residential roofing is about style as much as it is about functioning. The roof must be just as attractive as the rest of the architecture, even if the material is generally above sight and not visible to everyone unless they are keen.

On the other hand, commercial roofing is more geared to serve a purpose and will only have a slight slope to allow the water to run through the gutters. Residential roofing usually has layers of wood or board attached to the trusses. In contrast, commercial roofing has layers of metal to allow for more insulation, especially when the building will not have a ceiling.

You can get a mix of all kinds of styles on commercial and residential roofing, and the repair services will range from simple to complex depending on each design and the issue at hand.

We have specialized tools to ensure safe, effective, and long-lasting services that will last through years of climatic changes and other special considerations.

Inspection Process

Commercial and residential roofing have differing amounts of inspection because they have different structural styles. Both of these need a level of detailed inspection, but many commercial roofs will only need a walk around for occasional visual inspections.

Residential roofing is the opposite of many commercial roofs because you are looking for small details like missing shingles, broken gutters, and fittings that are out of place. 

Both commercial and residential roofing needs a particular type of service from a professional who understands the complex differences and has efficient artistry. You should not attempt to repair your roof, even if it is a small and plain commercial one, because you could miss critical things on how best to maintain the materials and layers.

Our commercial and residential roofing contractors are ready to arrange a consultation for a general estimate of your storm damage roof repair, new roof installation, and other related issues. Contact us online or call (1)-615-900-4000 for immediate feedback.

Franklin Roof Repair
Franklin Roof Repair Franklin Roof Repair Franklin Roof Repair